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Sing, Say, Dance, and Play!



I use the Orff Schulwerk approach, a philosophy that acknowledges the creative input of every child, to build musical competency and social skills through the joyful integration of music, movement, speech, and drama.  Based on the latest research in music education, the goal of my classes is to enable all children to grow to their musical potential through informal activities: we sing, say, dance, and play with exploration, imitation, improvisation, and composition.  Children will be inspired to listen, feel, and move to all kinds of music.  Their imaginations will be developed through the use of songs, rhymes, and stories.  These classes also encourage constructive social interaction and cooperation.  In a playful manner, children develop sensory awareness, language, and motor skills.  With puppets, ukulele, and a variety of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, my classes include singing, instrumental exploration, stories, and games designed to stimulate creativity and encourage children to learn the elements of music naturally, through play.



Sarah Quade

Sarah Quade has been teaching music for over 20 years as a private oboe instructor and early childhood music and movement specialist.  She holds a Master’s in Music Performance from the University of Michigan, and is trained in the Music Together and Music Rhapsody early childhood music education methods.  Sarah received Orff Schulwerk training from Lynn Kleiner and is a certified music and movement instructor through Music Rhapsody and the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association.


Sarah Quade is a very gifted music teacher and is obviously passionate about music and about kids.  Her love for music is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques.

Mary M.

Thank you for teaching so intentionally and for allowing the kids to explore the joy of music in such a wonderful way.

Laurie B.

The atmosphere in her classroom is fun and playful yet purposeful.  She ignites a passion in each of her students to build a foundation for learning and loving music.

Thank you for instilling a love of music in our son.  It melts my heart when he gets his instruments out and 'teaches' me a song.

Jenn G.

Brandee W.

In her classroom, every student is successful.

Kendra S.

We have been so fortunate to have you as our teacher!

Chloe K.




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